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    Is Your Job a Pain in the Neck? 3 Tips for Desk Workers

    Fix Neck Pains

    Two thirds of all office workers will experience neck pain at some point, according to a recent study. It seems we’re chained to our computers for longer hours in uncomfortable chairs. Telecommuting, more people going back to work, and hours of web surfing can all contribute to a sore neck. A chiropractic massage can be the answer you’re looking for if you want to be pain-free without medication.

    For a species designed to be in motion, it’s unnatural for human beings to sit for hours in a chair, arms out, staring at a screen. Unless you’re really conscious of it, it’s easy to slump. Poor posture is the leading cause of neck pain unrelated to accidents. It causes stiffness and soreness. Here’s why: When your head leans forward, it pushes your shoulders forward and causes you to round your back. This puts significant, constant strain on your cervical vertebrae. That’s the part of the spine that starts at the base of your skull and goes to the thoracic (chest) region.

    How To Fix Neck Pains

    • Like mom always said, sit up straight! Being conscious of your posture, as hunching stresses the spine, ligaments and neck muscles. Use a sticky note to remind you, and place it right on top of your screen!
    • Buy an ergonomic office chair that offers proper back support and is placed at the correct height. It also helps to position your computer screen so that you aren’t straining forward. A licensed chiropractor can help you with your selection to suit your unique issues.
    • Give yourself screen breaks and do some simple stretching exercises to loosen muscles. Shrug your shoulders, twist your torso. Get up and walk around. A chiropractor can offer you sound suggestions.
    • Invest in chiropractic for neck pain. A practice that offers both spinal adjustments and massage therapy can help you realign your body in a natural way. Regular sessions are not expensive, especially compared with the cost of medication.

    Neck pain should not be part of your job description. Chiropractic care, which can be combined with massage therapy, is the natural way to combat the effects of long hours in front of the screen. A good chiropractor can suggest total workstyle changes to make life in the office a much healthier part of your day.