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    When it comes to injuries, our chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens provides quality care at affordable pricing. Whether from an auto accident or a sports injury, we know how agonizing dislocations, chronic pain, and inflammation can be. We offer convenience walk in hours, with no appointment needed for any chiropractor service you may need!

    Using many types of manipulation and massage techniques, our proven chiropractor will help you recover faster and lessen the pain! Get help fast when you need it most and contact us right away!

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    Sports Injuries

    Athletes tend to overdo it, always reaching for goals to be the biggest, fastest, and best at what they do. However, this mindset is not absent of consequence on the human body. This is where our chiropractic practice can help. Our techniques can help prevent injuries to the neck, back, shoulder, knees, and even ankles.

    Keeping the body in balanced is vital to preventing sports injuries. With our adjustments, we can help get rid of tension in the body. Do you regularly push your body to the limit in games, practices, or competitions? If so, give our chiropractor a call and let us improve or restore joint function. We welcome all walk-ins, so stop by today!

    Besides preventative care for sports injuries, we also offer reactionary treatments. If you have an injury, we will use our therapies to reduce pain and inflammation. We can address many types of problems using manipulations and massage. Trust us to make you performance ready on the spot! Do not suffer in pain – contact us right away!

    Sports Injury West Palm Beach

    Auto Accident Injuries

    Have you recently been in injured in an auto accident? Are experiencing neck or back pain? If you have been to your doctor, yet are still experiencing stiffness, limited range of motion, or chronic pain, contact our office right away. Our chiropractor does not prescribe band aid meds to hide the problem. We address the mechanics of your muscular system. Even a small misalignment can cause a domino effect of pain.

    One of the most common auto accident injuries our chiropractor treat is whiplash. The right chiropractic tool is unique to each whiplash injury and is used at the primary dysfunctions detected during your exam. Whether you are feeling tightness or tension right after the accident or it gradually occurs, call us anytime. Let us put our experienced chiropractor work in your favor in restoring a sense of balance back into your life.

    If you delay treatment after an auto accident you can make recovery harder on yourself. Lack of movement can lead to muscle spasms. These can then lead to long term pressure on your joints.

    All of our chiropractic services are meant to encourage healing and comfort. You will love our compassionate staff and the level of customer care we provide to every client. Give us a call today if you have had an injury, and let today be the beginning of the end of pain!

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    We provide chiropractic service for all types of sports and auto related injuries in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and nearby cities.

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