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    Back Pain

    If you're suffering from back pain, you are not alone. Eight out of ten people experience it at some point in their lives. But you don't have to live with chronic discomfort. Here at Simply Chiropractic Palm Beach, we'll provide you with professional chiropractor service for your back pain that is safe and conservative with natural treatment options.

    Back Pain Palm Beach Gardens

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    With the cost of back pain treatment rising, many experts agree it makes sense to try conservative treatments first. Studies show a chiropractor offers relief to many patients without the need for medication or surgery.

    Your first visit with Dr. Ken is only $49. We take walk-ins and people of all ages, and offer therapeutic massage services.

    Back Pain Causes

    Back and neck pain can be the result of injury, disease, or just everyday wear and tear. Aging can cause degeneration and bad posture can strain muscles. Lifestyle choices like excess weight, inactivity and smoking can aggravate back problems. Even stress causes muscles to tighten and blood flow to constrict. Our chiropractor can realign your vertebrae and restore the flow of your nerve pathways for pain relief.

    Back pain is so common because of the spine's structure and its constant motion. There are 33 bones in the spinal column, including seven in the cervical, or neck area. They are surrounded by fibrous tissue called discs that act as shock absorbers. Add all the ligaments, muscles, nerves and arteries, and you can see many problems can occur.

    Whether you are sitting all day at work, chasing after kids or enjoying a few rounds of golf, your activities can take a toll on your spine. Common issues include pinched nerves, bulging discs, irritated joints, and various sprains and strains.

    Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

    Spinal manipulation can offer real relief for many people. It is a precise, hands-on adjustment of the bones, joints and nervous system. And while it is just one of many treatments performed by our chiropractor, it is perhaps the most recognized.

    Chiropractic Care For Back Pain West Palm BeachWhen it comes to treating back pain, including whiplash and sciatica, spinal adjustment and our other treatments offer safe, conservative, natural healing. Even traditional medicine is now embracing its value:

    - The federal the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommends conservative care first for people who suffer from low back pain.

    - The American Medical Association suggests chiropractic as an initial treatment, and notes that surgery should be a last resort in many cases.

    Many back pain sufferers find spinal manipulation to be an affordable and effective alternative to surgery. However, open-back and laser procedures are recommended for some conditions. Dr. Ken will let you know after a thorough exam.

    Our staff is friendly, sympathetic and always ready to help. We offer individual and family plans, monthly plans, as well as several types of massage therapy. Call now and get your active lifestyle back.

    When you need a chiropractor to alleviate your back pain in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter or any nearby city, call us!

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