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    Chiropractic Care Plans

    Chiropractic Care Plans Palm Beach GardensOur chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens will provide you with affordable chiropractic care plans in a friendly environment. Living a balanced, healthy life is easily attainable with our personalized and family chiropractic plans. Routine chiropractic care can help you and your family live a more productive and healthy life.

    Although many patients initially visit a chiropractor after experiencing back or neck pain, injury or chronic illness, many more come to appreciate the long-term value of chiropractic care. It not only helps restore overall health; it is a preventive measure when incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. With proper care, chiropractic can help your body heal itself.

    At Simply Chiropractic Palm Beach we know that routine chiropractic care plans are essential to achieving optimum health and proper body function. We are pleased to bring better health to our patients on a continuing basis. Our reasonably priced programs offer chiropractic care without the restrictions often determined by insurance. The plans we offer can provide an entire month's worth of chiropractic adjustments at a price less than most health insurance co-pays.

    Call us today to learn more about our chiropractic care plans in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and all surrounding areas in South Florida.

    Introductory Visit
    First Visit

    • $49 (includes examination and adjustment)
    • No appointments necessary

    Walk-In Patients
    Walk-In Patients

    • $49 per office visit
    • No appointments necessary

    Individual Monthly Plans
    Individual Monthly Plan

    • $79 per month cost (6 month +)
    • Entitles you to 4 office visits per month
    • No appointments necessary
    • Additional visits only $49

    Family Monthly Plan

    • Additional $50 per month to add your spouse to your individual monthly plan
    • Additional $30 per month to add a child to your individual monthly plan

    Packages available (use within 1 year)

    • 4 visits $179 (less than $45 a visit)
    • 6 visits $249 (less than $42 a visit)
    • 10 visits $369 (less than $37 a visit)
    • 20 visits $659 (less than $33 a visit)
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