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    About Us Simply Chiropractic Palm BeachBecause we know people lead busy lives and it's important to make time to maintain your good health, at Simply Chiropractic Palm Beach, patients don't require an appointment. In fact, our brief wait times and convenient hours make chiropractor visits as easy on our patients as possible. We're certain you will find our office to be a personable, comforting environment.

    All chiropractic adjustments are provided by Dr. Ken, an honest, sincere and professional chiropractor who not only meets all state requirements for licensing but takes a vested interest in your healthcare needs. Dr. Ken is fully committed to excellence.

    Simply Convenient

    • Come in any time (no appointment necessary)
    • Walk-ins welcome
    • No X-rays required
    • Dr. Ken answers your questions, adjusts you, and discusses next steps in your treatment
    • Leave feeling better than when you arrived!
    • Return any time (no appointments necessary)

    Simply Affordable
    Try Simply Chiropractic: First visit only $39 (includes adjustment)

    • No insurance needed
    • No contracts or long term care required
    • Plans available make it even easier for individuals and families
    • Simply Effective

    "Chiropractic care is highly effective and is the leading alternative treatment in our country. If chiropractic care was the primary treatment, and medicine and surgery were the alternative, it is my core belief that we would be the healthiest country in the world!"
    ~ Dr. Kenneth Horowitz

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