When you are feeling worn down or in pain, visit our chiropractor now to get on the road to a better you. We offer West Palm Beach chiropractic and massage services that can alleviate the pain and stress plaguing your body and mind. And these services have never been more accessible.

We believe in eliminating the barriers that hold many people back from natural, drug-free treatments. At our office, you can count on affordable care. Insurance isn’t necessary. Your first visit with our chiropractor, Dr. Ken, is just $19. After that, each adjustment is only $29. And don’t worry about fitting an appointment into your schedule. We happily accept walk-ins.

Chiropractor Services

Chiropractic care is designed to realign your vertebrae and restore your nerve flow. This practice can help relieve pain associated with sciatica, TMJ, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, pregnancy and more. Treatment by a chiropractor is not limited to people who suffer from chronic conditions. It is also effective for treating injuries, as well as the pain and discomfort yielded from daily life. Sitting at a desk, sleeping wrong, and even housework can wreak havoc on your body. A chiropractor can make the proper adjustments to help you feel great.

West Palm Beach Chiropractic Services

Massage Services

Massage therapists can work in conjunction with our chiropractor to alleviate pain and muscle tension. Getting a massage prior to adjustment can help ease the process, while getting a massage after an adjustment can help relax the muscles around the newly aligned spine and help the treatment last. Your needs are unique, and Dr. Ken will help determine what course is best for you.

Everyone can benefit from massage. Whether you seek care from the chiropractor or not, massage can help relieve stress and pain. Our massage therapists are trained in several types of massage to best suit your needs and comfort level.

Communication is a crucial part of the success of our West Palm Beach area clients. Dr. Ken and our massage therapists take the time to understand the causes behind your pain and discomfort. This allows them to develop unique plans for the most effective and lasting treatment.

Ranging from uncomfortable to debilitating, both neck pain and back pain can be treated by chiropractic and massage therapy to offer sufferers relief. These are the two areas that most commonly attract clients to our services. The complex system of vertebrae, muscles, nerve bundles and arteries throughout the neck and back create a lot of opportunities for problems. Whether from stress, disease, injury, poor posture or any other cause, we can evaluate the condition of your body and come up with a plan for treatment.

We want our services to be accessible to everyone. So we have individual and family plans to make it affordable for you, your spouse and your children to receive fantastic care. Our monthly plans entitle you to 4 visits a month. You can restore and reinvigorate your body once a week for just a small fee. Put yourself in our capable hands. We’ll help rid you of pain and keep it away.

When you need a chiropractor in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, call us!

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